"Antiqua" is considered as the most prestigious table of Longoni production.
It was created following an original sample aged " end of 18 th century" that is still present in the company . This table is the "ensamble" of ancient craftmanship and modern technology ,
It is mostly made in massive wood hand-carved , side aprons are coated with walnut veneer with special ash and exotic woodden inlay finishing.
Upper rails are finished with special "chess "inlay stripes, made of ebony and white wood; and also the spots for game geometric reference are made in simil motherpearl handcrafted inlay.
Holes garments are in bronze with lions figure hand carved.
Basicaly this table was born for the italian game of 5 quilles playing field 270 x 135 cm , nowadays it is also available in american pool pocket version 9 feet palying field , and russian pyramid 12" or 10 " with leather pocket.