The activity of Longoni Billiard & pool was set up in the period between the two world wars, time in which Alessandro Longoni separated from the old billiards factory Della Chiesa in Milan, where he used to work as employed and started to manufacture the first Longoni tables together with the first-born Emilio. After the second world war, the leading of the little artisan activity was passed to the sons, who with the non-stop care and the very good knowledge in furniture-making, got the Longoni billiards to an high quality level and turned the factory into an industrial reality.


As many factories specialised in the wood sector in Brianza, it has reached a great development in the sixties, age in which the second-born' s wife Franca Longoni and the last of the three brothers Vittorio Longoni entered, to get stronger the conduction of the factory. Since then, the production of billiards sector was followed by Vittorio Longoni, while the rest of the family developed the sector of cues production and the dealing of billiard accessories.


Nowadays, after about forty years Vittorio Longoni is considered one of the greatest billiards manufacturer master. Thanks to the help of his two sons Alessandro and Walter Longoni and the combination of many years of experience and new technologies, LONGONI products get to an high international level.